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Georgia Brown, Italian/Brazilian, started her artistic activities when she was 7 years old, and became a professional musician when she was ten, being approved in a test of the OMB (Musicians Organization of Brazil).

Georgia Brown, Italo / Brazilian, is the youngest of the four daughters of the Neapolitan singer Antônio Monti (died on 1992) and the plastic artist (painting on porcelain) Walkíria Monti from Goiânia. Still a child, she began her artistic activities while still living in Italy, where she performed her first performance with Madonna songs for an audience that was concentrated around twenty thousand people in a public square in Naples, which celebrated the victory on the Italian Championship of Football on 1987. In that same year she moved with her parents to Brazil. In the city of Goiânia-GO, the girl who was already an artist and even with a progressive degenerative genetic deficiency in vision (Retinitis Pigmentar), was brilliant as athlete and caught the attention of her Olympic gymnastics trainer Angelo Petri, who soon realized that the girl had talent for music encouraging her to follow as a singer after suffering a serious motorcycle run that disrupted her career as a gymnast and from there, began her artistic activities. The artist who always knew what her future would be, in the beginning used her baptismal name Rossana Monti. She recorded her first demo tape and sang in the night bars of Goiânia, accompanied by a band composed by the best and most renowned musicians of the capital of the state of Goiás and she became a music professional when she was ten years old when she took her card from the OMB (Order of Brazilian Musicians), and since then her mother has been her manager.

Completely self-taught, she devoted herself entirely to the study of voice and developed her own vocal techniques, and her evolution as singer was assessed by the severe analysis of her extremely demanding father.

At age of 13, she had her first national projection on the top TV show of that age "Xou da Xuxa" (Rede Globo). The following year, on the first semester, she won the contest "Teen Ager Talent of Sílvio Santos Program (SBT) and soon in the second semester of the same year won the contest "Youth Talent" (TV Record) at the same time in a desperate attempt to maintain her strength and focus on music to overcome his father's death that occurred during the contest. At age of 15, she left the school to never more come back and moved to São Paulo, where she had the opportunity to work as backing vocal of one of the greatest MPB icons, Jorge Ben Jor on his "W Brasil" tour. She realized that she was not born to be behind and made her own way. She participated in important competitions and festivals renowned in the 90's, among them Skol Rock and Fest Valda where she won as Hours-Concours and was managed by the French multinational and in Rio de Janeiro settled with the project in which she sang classics of Blues.

On 1994 she decided to become an R&B/Soul singer. Her stage name went on to be Georgia Brown and continued her career by being invited as special guest to record on albums of various artists and sing alongside big names in music.

At age of 17, she became producer, instrumentalist, began composing and arranging her own songs in the R&B/Soul genre. To improve her knowledge of the genre, at age of 19, she moved to San Francisco-CA, USA where she spent two years producing music and in Oakland-CA, USA she specialized in audio engineering (recording, mixing and mastering). During the period that she lived in the United States, she became pregnant with her unique son, fruit of her first marriage. Georgia returned to Brazil in Goiânia and on March 6, 2000, Giovani Bruno was born. The first single "Commit A Crime" features the special participation of her niece Pollyanna Penna, who studied singing with her aunt from the age of four and at the age of nine recorded her first demo-tape produced by Georgia Brown who released her as a singer. On 2001, Brown sent her pupil's material to "Gente Innocente", Rede Globo's most visible talent show, presented by Márcio Garcia and there, Pollyanna was part of the cast for two years following in the steps of her greatest reference as artist.

A few months later, Georgia Brown's first full-length CD titled "Black Nature", was released on the Programa do Jô (Rede Globo) show. After the interview that she showed her talent and her remarkable presence as singer, she was consecrated through the great television media with more than fifty appearances in national network in all the stations, obtaining, from there, a surprising space in the air for arresting the attention of millions of viewers, elevating the audience of the programs due to the great success of her performances and conquered the mass with her singular explosive and potent voice, the expressive and charismatic image, the style extravagant and with unique personality that marked the Brazilian television in 2001 with the hit "Commit a crime", realized her first tour "BLACK NATURE TOUR" with the premiere show in the famous temple of Jazz of São Paulo, the Bourbon Street. Toured two years (2001/2002), dragging a multitude of fans, achieving with her first independent album reaching the mark of 125,000 copies sold in Brazil, even with her music being considered refined.

Out of the traditional standards of music made in her country and having her work recorded only in English, so she was expanded abroad. The international start was given with the single "Forgiven" - a sensational Drum 'N' Bass refined, very rich musically and praised in unanimous opinion by respected connoisseurs of the style. The song "Forgiven" also showed international success in the hands of renowned DJs like DJ Patife, who produced an unusual remix in the R&B style to compose and break the parameters of the playlist of his album 'On the Road' in 2003. Counting with other DJ's, the song went to the tracks and to radio programs around the world, joining several Top 10 specifics in electronic music. Georgia Brown also was included on the first album released in 2001 entitled "Cool Steps" with the track "81 is the number" Georgia Brown, Cosmonautics & DJ Patife ', both albums released by the brasilian label Trama. Georgia Brown's voice on the Drum N 'Bass scene garnered fruit and more significant partnerships were made with other DJs to release other remixes and new singles were released in England as "Deeper" (Georgia Brown, DJ Marky X XRS) and "Red Light" (Georgia Brown & XRS). In Brazil, Georgia Brown has licensed songs for AMP MTV 2, with the track "I need U" Georgia Brown & Cosmonautics, Joia 3 Chill Out and Lounge by Luciano Huck, with the track "Lover Street" (G. Brown Bossa Nova Mix), among others.

The multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, guitar, sax, clarinet and drums) spent two years dividing her time between shows and studios, producing carefully the arrangements, composing, playing, programming the electronic part of the instruments and mixing their second album, following the same process of production as her previous album 'Black Nature'. Georgia Brown is synonymous of innovation and boldness. She advanced her musical style, which allowed her to show her various techniques. The futuristic and particular way, features a spicier Georgia Brown in a blend of 'Urban Chic'. Combining the accelerated beat of the DnB with the melodic lines of R&B, harmony and the color of her voice, Georgia created a new genre of electronic music, the D'N'B/Soul, and with these elements, in 2004 she released "Heart Beats", an original album full of concepts, which surpassed the mark of 300.000 copies sold on her first world tour that was through Europe, Asia, Chile, Argentina, Canada, the United States and Brazil. She burned the AME Parade for more than 200,000 people at the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo. "HEART BEATS WORLD TOUR" was performed during 2003/2005 in "Live P.A." format.

As always, Georgia Brown comes up with news to shake up your audience. They sang along her fresh repertoire and the hit songs in partnership with DJ's, remixes of the first CD as her first hits "Commit a Crime", "Lost Love", "Hold On" that were not left out and beyond all of these, Brown provided her audience with this tour in a meeting with the hits of DnB International circuit of that time.

Always involved with electronic music since 1998, she performed at mega Rave parties, GLBT events as well as at the Parades in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Uberlândia and in one of her shows, Georgia Brown sang to three million people (her record of public) at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo in 2003, being the first electronic music singer to sing live in a parade in Brazil.

Georgia Brown joined the GUINNESS BOOK, with two WORLD RECORDS: "WORLD'S GREATEST VOCAL RANGE (8 OCTAVES - G2 / G10)" and "WORLD'S HIGHEST NOTE GIVEN BY A HUMAN VOICE - G10." Her records were published in the 2006 editions (page 172), 2010 (inside cover), 2012 (page 10), and 2015 (page 73). The records of the immortalized Yma Sumac were broken by the American Mariah Carey, who was overbroaken by Georgia Brown who is the current greatest voice in the world and her titles remain intact since the date of August 18, 2004, when the deed was blessed. Georgia also joined RANK BRAZIL RECORDS the same year. Achieving all grades totaling 8 complete octaves (Sol2 / Sol10) that were proven by measuring her voice certified by a team of music professionals and teachers who said: "Georgia you are an alien, it is a freak of nature!" Georgia's vocal chords have surpassed the limits of the human voice, animals of any kind, and even the highest note of any natural or electronic musical instrument, becoming inaudible to the human ears. Only an ultrasonic frequency meter is able to detect the frequencies emitted through the voice of the singer who still has surprises on her vocal range, which was not revealed in its total limit.

Georgia Brown, expert in vocal techniques, released in 2005 the first volume of the series of her Video Class in DVD and VHS specific in vocal coach, that surpassed the mark of 20.000 copies sold. 'The Greatest Voice Of The World' is a very original title for the DVD of the singer who has the most wanted vocal chords that entered to the world's history of the book of records. On 2008, she opened hes own record label WGM Music Entertainment and signed with a digital distribution for iTunes and several other music marketing platforms through the internet. The third album "The Renascence Of Soul", classified as an album of Black Music International, of the specific genre R&B/Soul, released by her own label, was produced, arranged by the singer who recorded, mixed and mastered all the work at her studio in the Rio de Janeiro. The CD has accurate sonority, with perfect frequencies and can be equaled to the best albums produced by the greatest artists of the world music industry, with all the latest technology and the invited musicians that make part of the hall of the top names of Top Cast of Brazil even recognized outside the country as: Arthur Maia, Claudio Rosa, Marcelo Mariano, Bororó, Huck Pontes, João Castilho, Fernando Vidal, Edson Jr, José Antônio, Nelson Jr, Ricardo Leão, Serginho Trombone and Marcio Montarrojos. The singers Alex Guedes, Pollyanna Penna and Janeh Magalhães were part along with Georgia Brown in the backing vocals of the mega production of the track "Art A Shield For Me". Brown co-starred with American singer Carl Gardner Jr. as lead singer of the famous sixties quintet "The Coasters" in the track "Place In Your Heart" and Giovani Bruno son of Georgia who, at the time, at age of six, did duet singing with his mother on the track "My Child", the song that she wrotes dedicated to him. With this CD, Georgia Brown gained great visibility mainly in Asia, where she obtained an expressive number of sales, arriving to be invited to appear on major Asian TV stations in countries like Japan (Fuji Television) and South Korea (SBS Television), in addition to the tour "The Renascence Of Soul European Tour".

In 2009 Georgia Brown released her first hit in Mexico. The track "Loneliness", which is also a composition by Brown and which closes the album "The Renascence Of Soul", was remixed by DJ Allan Natal and with this remix in the House Music segment, the song remained for more than a month in # 1 position of the top 10 in the biggest radio of the segment E-Music of Mexico, the Beat 100,9. "Loneliness" makes part of the compilation Sector Beat 100.9, Vol. 8, which contains the biggest names in world pop music with their top hits and the most played songs of FM. With an immeasurable acceptance in House Music, all her powerful voice exposed in perfect sync with the pick-ups in command of the Top DJ's, resulted in another successful project in electronic music. In the House scene, Georgia Brown has become one of the biggest divas in the world. The queen idolized by the GLBT community, toured through all the brazilian capitals and raised crowds on her first tour in the House scene, "TO DA FLOOR TOUR 2009".

In 2010, the consecration in the E-Music. In pursuit of an innovative style, Georgia collaborated with Henry T (HytraxX), a very talented but still unknown DJ / Producer. Brown noticed his distinctive way of producing and revealed him. "Love 4 Real" was the song of the year, an aggressive BPM-style of House Music, that became a watershed. From the launch of "Love 4 Real", has created a new trend. The single released by the Mexican label Bearlin Records brings in addition to the original mix, plus eleven official remixes and for six weeks remained # 1 place in download sales on the two biggest sites of that time, Beatport and Masterbeat. The song that became a track anthem worldwide, won countless remixes produced by DJs from countless countries and in the same year she held the "LOVE 4 REAL WORLD TOUR".

On 2012, the white girl with a black voice and red hair as fire, surprises more and more. Due to the world's highest notes that shake any structure, she is now the Super Voice, making part of the army of Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel heroes and the SUPER-HUMANS series exhibited worldwide by History Channel. Georgia Brown has the full command of her voice and certainly is a phenomenon of nature from Brazil to the Planet!

Due to Georgia Brown's large exposure on the History Channel with the Super-Humans series, the looks of the Latin American countries were focused on her, who once again with her "Super Voice" crossed more borders and won new fans. The fourth phonogram "Me & Myself", also released in 2012, was the first work where Georgia Brown only entered as a singer and songwriter. The EP produced by HytraxX brings the tracks that emplacaram in E-Music like: "Loneliness", "Love 4 Real" (2010) and the unpublished "Gave 2 U", except "Love 4 Real" (Sweet Mix) produced by herself. With this work, Georgia Brown took advantage of the success of the series, exploring the countries of South America and made the "SUPER-HUMAN LATIN AMERICA TOUR", which passed through Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and som.e Brazilian capitals, among them Belo Horizonte, where she met the Uruguayan singer William Corbo and got married for the third time. On 2014 she finished this glamorous phase with "BACK TO THE BEAT TOUR".

On 2014, Georgia Brown became TV presenter, debuting the first four-month season of the annual "Musica Em 7 Minutos" aired on BHNews. Directed and produced by William Corbo, the program is one of several projects in partnerships that the singer does with her husband. The proposal of the television attraction is to show sixteen artists from various countries, but still unknown in the Brazilian media, presenting their music videos, with songs in their respective languages and due to the issue of cultural barrier, are not shown in the Brazilian media.

Still on 2014, SEENHEISER, the German company that is the biggest manufacturer of sound equipment and market leader currently being the best in quality according to experts, to launch the microphone of the stars with Wireless function, the D9000, Seenheiser invited the greateest voice of the world to shoting the top microphone commercial brand line. Advertising is the soul of the business and Georgia Brown is the voice that would impact the launch of the high-priced product.

From Diva to Rockstar "THE GODDESS OF ROCK" in unparalleled version, on 2015 announced her project that brings her alter-ego LORNNE. Although her discography is predominantly geared toward Black Music and Electronic Music, Georgia Brown claims that her soul has been, is and always will be Rock N 'Roll. Throughout her 30-years career she says it's time to launch this project, which fans are eagerly waiting for the album. Meanwhile, Georgia Brown tours her voice playing the greatest Rock Classics on the GEORGIA BROWN & SOME ROCK ELSE tour. As for the selection of musicians for the studio formation of Progressive Industrial Rock, it was a meticulous process, where the chosen ones viscerally showed a lot of study and pure virtuose techniques. On this project, Georgia Brown signs the keyboards, drums, vocals, compositions, arrangements, production and technical part of the album. LORNNE is still at studio.

Parallel to the music, the multitalented one after twenty years returned to act as journalist writing for Diário da Manhã. The newspaper of great expression of the State of Goiás founded by Batista Custódio in 1959, is considered one of the most important of the country and significantly discloses all the achievements of the artist since the beginning of her musical journey.

On January 2016, Georgia Brown created the exclusive and unprecedented acoustic project "Teletema" - the best international of novels- with the biggest hits that became unforgettable and consecrated through the international soundtracks of Rede Globo novels of the 70s, 80s and 90s, which perpetuated through the radio waves. In an intimate format, this show was designed to Georgia Brown could say goodbye to Brazil, being very close to the public of the city where she grew up and began her career. The concert was shown in several concert halls until July, when she left definitively to live in Italy, where she currently resides with her family, returning to Naples after long time.

On December 2017, the film "Der Klang Der Stimme (The Color of the Voice)" was in the cinemas in Europe and in festivals, where the greatest voice of the world was invited by the swiss filmmaker Bernard Weber to makes part of the film. The scenes were shoted in October 2015 in Freiburg, Germany, in the biggest vocal cords center in the old continent, the Institut Für Musikermedizin, where world-renowned protagonist Matthias Echternach (doctor, professor and scientist) studied the whole apparatus mechanism vocal of the singer to understand the "24 over tunes and whistles" of the Georgias voice and what differentiates the superhuman from the rest of beings and the reason of her incredible vocal range, according to experts, there is no musical instrument or living being of any species able to emit the recorded frequency that gave rise to her records on the Guinness Book.

Clearly and more than ever, Georgia Brown is heared with such clarity and shows that she is not a singer who remains only for her rare voice of immeasurable capacity, but for being a complete artist that makes of her show a true vocal spectacle.


ME & MYSELF (2012)


HOLD ON (1997)
D-SIRE (2001)
LOST LOVE (2002)
ALWAYS (2005)
MERMAID (2006)
LOVE 4 REAL (2010)
GAVE 2 U (2012)


81 is the number- Georgia Brown X DJ Patife and Cosmonautics DJ Patife Cool Steps and Drum 'n' Bass Grooves Trama 2002) Brazil
I need u- Georgia Brown X Cosmonautics AMP MTV 2 (Sony Music 2003) Brazil
Lover Street- Georgia Brown Jóia 3 Chill Out and Lounge by Luciano Huck (Universal 2003) Brazil
Deeper- Georgia Brown X DJ Marky & XRS (Innerground Records 2004) UK Red Light- Georgia Brown X XRS (Innerground Records 2004) UK
Forgiven- Georgia Brown DJ Patife's Remix DJ Patife Na Estrada- (Trama 2006) Brazil



DIA: 10/07/2010

Entrevista com Georgia Brown pra coluna Diz Aí


1) Como foi participar da edição mais marcante da Ibiza (Pouso Alegre – MG), evento Produzido pelo Diretor Artístico Maércio Barros?

Em primeiro lugar o público do Sul de Minas é fervo puro! As pessoas são agitadas! Cantam, gritam, dançam e se empolgam!!! Espero ver isso de novo! Na Ibiza a concentração de pessoas assim era enorme! Se foi ou não a melhor edição eu não sei, o que eu sei é que fiquei impressionada com a quantidade de fãs, pessoas que conheciam meu trabalho e gente que gritava na minha frente "agudoooooooooo!!!" Fiquei chocada quando depois do meu show me disseram, que a maioria estava ali pra me ver e logo após ter acabado meu set, o número de pessoas ficou muito menos da metade. O Maércio assistiu o show do palco! Foi um dos melhores da tour do ano passado! 5000 pessoas vibrando na mesma energia!

2) Você foi a primeira cantora da cena House do Brasil a emplacar um hit na maior rádio do México, qual seu sentimento sobre essa etapa da sua vida cumprida?

Loneliness foi uma surpresa pra mim e para o Mike Beckham (meu marido e DJ/Produtor) ele compos em parceria comigo essa música que originalmente é uma balada muito triste de voz e piano. Eu nunca imaginei que um dia essa composição se tornaria um hit de pista quanto mais a 1° por 2 meses da maior rádio de música eletrônica de um país. Já a Love 4 Real que também foi outra parceria nossa, essa sim, foi pensada e elaborada pra pista e a resposta foi o 1° lugar na Masterbeat por um mês, como o single mais vendido na categoria geral (todos os generos), além do público que canta ao som dos inúmeros remixes não-oficiais que saem até hoje desde o lançamento em fevereiro de 2010. O grande barato de trabalhar com música é esse! Fazer o que gosta e além disso, fazer algo que não existe fronteiras. Não existe limite quando se trata de música. Minha voz tem chegado à países e alcançando pessoas que eu nem em sonho imaginava que poderia ser ouvida e minhas músicas consumidas!

3) Assisti sua emoção quando esteve no programa da Hebe, nos fale sobre aquele momento?

Nossa! Em TV fiz tudo e todos os programas existentes que poderia! Até em canal de padre fui parar pra cantar em especial feito comigo! Mas cantar no programa da Hebe foi luxo! A Hebe é glamour, né? Ela me entrevistou, cantei, brinquei e ainda dei selinho nela! É a primeira dama da TV brasileira como eu disse pra ela no ar! Mas também gostaria de citar as apresentações no programa do Jô, as 3 vezes foram muito emocionantes e também quando estive no show da Xuxa aos 13 anos de idade, ali foi um sonho mesmo cantar pra rainha de toda uma geração!

4) Você é conhecida por sua grande extensão vocal. Já entrou no Guinness Book por duas vezes. Maior extensão vocal do mundo – 8 oitavas G2/G10 e a nota mais aguda do mundo G10. Por favor explique para nossos leitores o grande significado da sua conquista?

A nota mais aguda é um sol da 10ª oitava ela não existe em nenhum instrumento musical, mas se tivesse no piano seria 14 teclas brancas depois da ultima, Eles detectaram através de um analisador de frequências! 1 oitava é um conjunto de 7 notas C, D, E, F, G, A e B isso é cifra de Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, e Si. O piano tem 7 oitavas ao todo, imagina que eu tenho mais uma, 8! Minha nota mais grave no dia do teste foi um Sol (G2) da segunda oitava, que para uma mulher isso é muito grave (baixo ou voz grossa sabe?) E a mais aguda foi o que expliquei acima. Mas a extensão pega toda a escala entre essas duas, desde o grave que tem dias, que é mais grave ainda e o agudo (fino). Nem um morcego consegue tal façanha!

Olha é impressionante a procura e curiosidade do público, a forma que me tornei conhecida no planeta devido minha entrada no Guinness, pois quem não gostaria de estar lá por algum feito? No meu caso a história foi um seguinte... Foi uma revelação de Deus através de sonho pro meu marido que sonhou estar andando e passando por uma livraria. Ele abriu o Guinness e viu meu nome lá! Quando ele acordou me disse e fomos atrás para ver como fazia o récorde. Depois de 2 meses feito o login no site do guinness e mandado um email para fazer o teste, recebi o regulamento. Quase não acabo de imprimir, pois era cheio de exigências e burocracia! Colhi todo o material e fiz o teste. Mandei para a sede do livro em Londres. Começamos a acompanhar através do site o processo, bem como sua analise. Meses se passaram e achamos até que não tinha dado em nada, achava que eu era mais uma tentando estar no livro mais vendido do mundo depois da Bíblia! Um ano depois, ele entrou com meu login no site e viu "Congratulations! You are a Guinness World Record-breaker! Eu estava dormindo, era bem cedo. O Mike pulou em cima de mim, acordei com o coração na boca, sem entender nada! Dai recebi o certificado e por falta de um, recebi o título de dois recordes, publicados na edição de 2006 na página 172 e nessa edição de 2010, o Guinness traz minha foto na capa interna como um dos principais records da década! O recorde anteriormente era da Mariah Carey, mas eu nem sabia! Isso deu um bafo e por isso deu tanta repercussão no mundo inteiro!!!! (risos)

5) Qual o seu estilo musical preferido?

Sou uma legitima cantora de R&B/Soul americano. Mas paralelo a isso canto House Music pois vocalmente não muda nada, além dos ritmos que viram remixes das músicas. as eu gosto. Na verdade isso digo sempre, existem 2 tipos de musica, a boa e a ruim, eu gosto da música boa! Eu curto um belo de um Metal até hj! Gosto de Bossa, Blues, gosto da música que é bem feita!

6) Um lugar que você nunca se esquece? Por quê?

Ixxxxxxx! Isso é complicado de responder viu? Sabe pq? Pq sempre quando viajo, eu conheço um contratante e vou embora deixando um amigo! Sou muito bem tratada onde fui. Então acaba dando muita saudade pois sempre acaba sendo muito especial cada cidade! Mas com certeza em Osaka no Japão, vivi coisas incríveis ali!!!! Inesquecivel!!!

7) Seu filho estreiou com você num dueto em uma de suas canções, ele está seguindo seus passos?

Giovani Bruno canta muito bem! Nunca frequentou uma aula de música e eu também nunca ensinei nada pra ele, já veio pronto! A musicalidade dele e a afinação é notável. Mas acho que dentre os talentos dele, o mais forte é atuar. Ele sempre grava comigo quando preciso de backings... Tá no meio desde que nasceu, eu cantora e o pai músico, ambos produtores, ele acaba convivendo com artístas, músicos, etc... Eu comecei com 7 anos de idade, em maio completei 23 anos de estrada. Pelo fato de eu ter começado tão cedo e ter vivido tanta coisa, acho melhor ele viver a infância e a juventude dele. Tudo tem sua hora. Eu só não quis que ele começasse tão cedo como eu.

8) Você tem algum momento seu antes dos shows. O que passa na cabeça do artista nessa hora tão dele? Isso não é uma curiosidade só minha, tenho certeza que muitos querem saber.

Olha só, sabe foi uma coisa que percebi essa semana acredita? Eu até comentei com meu marido, observei que sempre quando vou me arrumar pra apresentação e que o maquiador está em ação, me bate uma moleza incontrolável. Eu sou o contrário! Invés de adrenalina, me dá sono! Mas quando piso no palco passa na hora e ali sou outra, então me desperto e a diva entra em cena!

9) Deixe um recado para a galera que lê a Coluna Diz Ai?

Meus amores, muito obrigada pela atenção e o tempinho da vida de cada um de vocês que param por aqui pra saber um pouquinho mais sobre meu trabalho e agradeço também o pessoal do blog pelo espaço! Vocês me ajudam e são fundamentais pra eu conseguir chegar onde cheguei, divulgando e expandindo meu nome. Pra vocês será sempre os vestidos mais lindos, os melhores remixes, as notas mais agudas e o melhor de mim como ser humano! Que Deus abençoe vocês e espero todos dia 10/07/2010 na Ecstasy! Bjs!