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Georgia Brown: "The World's Greatest Vocal Range - 8 octaves extending from G2 to G10 and Highest Note G10." Also she is the Super-Voice by Stan Lee of the serie "Super-Humans (history Channel). Then you ask yourself: Why is she on Guinness Book? Here we answer your question: It is not just because she goes higher than any singer and sings better than anyone but, she has the most perfect in-the-tune range, beautiful voice and above all she's the best! Come on ladies and brothers, Give it up for GEORGIA BROWN!


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Georgia Brown, Italian/Brazilian, started her artistic activities when she was 7 years old, and became a professional musician when she was ten, being approved in a test of the OMB (Musicians Organization of Brazil).

When she was 15, she toured as backing vocal to Jorge Ben Jor, one of the greatest MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) singers, in his best time: the "W Brasil Tour". Throughout these years, she made part in important contests and festivals as: "Skol Rock" and "Fest Valda", where she won as Hours-Concours, and she was contracted by the French multinational Company "Pastilhas Valda". Beyond this festival, with her talent, Georgia won all the contests she participated in.

Self-control, she dedicated totally to her voice. When she was a girl, she decided her future, choosing the music as her font of life, singing and recording beside the greatest names of the phonographic industry, because the stage is her spot.

When she was 17, she became producer; musician and started to write and arrange her own songs on R&B/Soul Style. She went to Oakland city (CA-USA) and lived there for two years producing songs and studing audio engineering.

Arriving in Brazil, she recorded her first totally authorial album "BLACK NATURE", released on "Programa do Jô" (Globo TV), appearing more than fifty nationally broadcasted TV's, she got a long time on TV shows because she catches the audience of several millions of people. She elevated the audience in TV programs and she was invited to be back because of the great success of her performances. She conquest peop? 1G? ??? ?? ?? 8E? ???Ÿ6? ?? ?? *? le, even being her song considered refined. With her singular voice, her expressive image and charisma, her extravagant style and unique personality that marked the Brazilian TV on 2001, with the success "COMMIT A CRIME", Georgia made the big Hip-Hop/Soul and R&B "BLACK NATURE TOUR" two years (2001/2002), conquering many fans and her debut album in Brazil was certified GOLD, over 120.000 copies sold. This album was praised by critics of the most respected newspapers and magazines from Brazil with big interviews and something rare happened: there was no negative criticism. Out of the traditional music's patterns cames from her country and singing only in English, Georgia expanded her work to foreign countries.

While working on her first album, with the track ‘81’ is the number - Georgia Brown, Cosmonautics & DJ Patife".on the first DJ Patife's album named "Cool Steps" on 2001, she made her her first musical projecs to the clubs. On 2003 rhe start of her international projection was the single "FORGIVEN" – a sensational Drum ‘N’ Bass, musically rich and praised in unanimous opinion by respected specialists of this style. The song "Forgiven" also was a hit remixed by famous DJ's as DJ Patife, who produced a different remix in R&B style to compose the playlist in his album "Na Estrada", released in 2005. Counting with other DJ's, the song was to the dance and played in clubs and radios around the world, was #1 of the Top 10 on the electronic music charts. A perfect Drum N' Bass partnerships was formed with DJ's, for the launching of the single in England such as: "Deeper" Georgia Brown X XRS and "Red Light" Georgia Brown X DJ Marky & XRS. Georgia Brown licensed songs for famous compilations such as: AMP MTV 2, with the track "I need U" Georgia Brown & Cosmonautics, Jóia 3 Chill Out and Lounge By Luciano Huck, with the track "Lover Street" G. Brown Bossa Nova Mix, and others.

The singer, songwriter, musical director, producer, musician (piano, keyboards, g? 1G?¼??? ??uitar, saxophone, drums) and sound engineer (recording, mixing and materizing), specialized in USA, has spent two years dividing her time between concerts and studios, producing carefully the arrangements, making compositions, playing instruments and mixing her secound album, following the same procedures as she made in "Black Nature". On 2004, she released "HEART BEATS", an original album full of concepts, she is a synonym of innovation and dare and her musical style shows several vocal and instrumental techniques, mixed the accelerated DnB beat with the melody and the harmony of R&B, she has created a new kind of electronic music, D’N’B/Soul, with these elements Georgia Brownwas PLATINUM, over 300.000 copies sold, toured around Europe, USA, and Brazil. On "HEART BEATS WORLD TOUR 2003/2004" in "Live PA" format, Georgia sang her new set list and her others hits with DJ's and remixes such as "Commit a crime", "Lost Love", "Hold on".

On 2004, Georgia Brown breaks the Mariah Carey's vocal records on GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and received her Certificate due her two records: "World's Greatest vocal range "G2/G10 - 8 octaves" and "World's Highest Note "G10". Her records were published two years later. Georgia also has her records registered on RANK BRASIL RECORDES, singing in 9 different actaves and 8 complete octaves proved in a measurement done by a profesional musicians team, who said: – "Georgia is a phenomenon. Her vocal cords goes beyond the human nature, and animal voice limits, and her notes are higher than any highest note produced by any natural or electronic musical instrument. They only can be measured by a "measurer frequencies".

On 2005, Georgia Brown, expert in vocal techniques, also released the first volume of her Video Class in DVD, with singing techniques: "A Maior Voz do Mundo – A revolução do canto vol.1", over 20.000 copies sold.

Since the records were published on Guinness Book (2006 edition - page 172) due her incredible vocal range, Ge? 1G?¼??? ??orgia Brown began to be invited to interviews and to perform on TV Shows from Japan, Korea, Brazil and European countries.

Two years recording at studio, when finally on 2008 Georgia Brown releases "THE RENASCENCE OF SOUL". Her third album posses the more pure sonority with perfect frequencies and tranquilly can be equaled to the most well recorded and produced albums concerning quality, high technology, beyond the american singers and top musicians from Brazil invited to join the team like: Arthur Maia, Claudio Rosa, Marcelo Mariano, Bororó, Hulk, João Castilho, Fernando Vidal, Edson Jr, José Antônio, Nelson Jr, Ricardo Leão, Lincoln Lyra, Serginho Trombone, Marcio Montarrojos, Alex Guedes, Pollyanna Penna, Carl Gardner Jr. and Giovani Bruno. Classified as an International Black Music, the specific gender of this CD is R&B/Soul, released in Physical album and Digital Album.

On 2009, the DJ/Producers remixed Georgia Brown's songs, she became Diva of the Tribal House scene. All the potency of her voice, in synchrony with the pick-ups of the Top House Music DJ's resulted in another project of electronic music. The original track "LONELINESS" featured on the album "The Renascence of Soul", after remixed by Allan Natal, was #1 of the Top 10 during three months on the most renowned eletronic music's radio station of Mexico, BEAT 100.9 FM. The song also was hit in Brazil where Georgia Brown performed in clubs, big parties and top events. Several people have watched her "TO DA FLOOR TOUR". Georgia’s presence causes impact and in her concerts, she sings songs of the world's greatest divas, exclusively to compose this impressing performance in HOUSE REMIXES, produced by the world's top producers.

Searching for a harder kind of sound and looking for a House Tribal producer able to arrange a new type of production, HytraxX was choosen. On 2010, Georgia Brown presents "LOVE 4 REAL". When the original track was out, the Tribal House scene changed. Released by t? 1G?¼??????he mexican label Bearlin Records bringing ten tracks on each one of the two editions. The single was #1 for one month and a best seller on Masterbeat's Top 10. In the clubs, "Love 4 Real" also became an anthem and all the people sing along!

"The black voice in white woman with her cute red hair" surprises in each work. "The Singer of Guinness" – the way she is recognized because of the highest and low notes that can shiver any place and again appears on Guinness Book 2010 edition (Cover on feft)..On this tour, her songs are clearer than ever, surely she’s a phenomenon that not only is good because of the greatest vocal range, but to be a REAL SINGER.




HOLD ON (1997)
D-SIRE (2001)
LOST LOVE (2002)
ALWAYS (2005)
MERMAID (2006)
LOVE 4 REAL (2010)


Carrossel- Banda Black Rio (Keys arranged by Georgia Brown) Movimento (Universal Music 2001) Brazil
Nova Guanabara- Banda Black Rio (Keys arraged by Georgia Brown) Movimento (Universal Music 2001) Brazil
81 is the number- Georgia Brown X DJ Patife and Cosmonautics DJ Patife Cool Steps and Drum 'n' Bass Grooves Trama 2002) Brazil
I need u- Georgia Brown X Cosmonautics AMP MTV 2 (Sony Music 2003) Brazil Your Love- by DJ Phantasy (G.Brown Voice's Remix 2003) UK
Whatever's clever- by DJ Aphrodite (G. Brown Voice's Remix 2003) UK
Lover Street- Georgia Brown Jóia 3 Chill Out and Lounge by Luciano Huck (Universal 2003) Brazil
Deeper- Georgia Brown X DJ Marky & XRS (Innerground Records 2004) UK Red Light- Georgia Brown X XRS (Innerground Records 2004) UK
Forgiven- Georgia Brown DJ Patife's Remix DJ Patife Na Estrada- (Trama 2006) Brazil





Georgia Brown's official music video for 'Save My Soul', recorded in Roma-Italy and directed by William Corbo. As featured on The Renascence Of Soul.
Click to buy the track or álbum via iTunes:…/the-renascence-of-so…/id288893277
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So hoch kam nicht mal Mariah Carey:
Georgia Brown lässt in ihrem Studio
die mächtige Stimme hören
By: Solveig Flörke - Frankfurt, Germany

Published on: 13/02/2015
In den höchsten Tönen: Die Brasilianerin Georgia Brown singt höher als jeder Mensch vor ihr. Nicht einmal Mariah Carey kann da mithalten. Ein Besuch bei der Dark-Queen des Gesangs. Mit Hörprobe.
Der Wind wirft die Regentropfen wie Dartpfeile gegen die Scheiben des Hauses. Hier, in der zentralbrasilianischen Hochebene, wohnt die Sängerin Georgia Brown, die eigentlich Rossana Monti heißt. Es ist das Haus mit der Nummer 300 in Goiania, der Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Goiás.
Schon vor Jahren hat sie Mariah Carey aus dem Guinness-Buch der Rekorde verdrängt. Damals nahm die „scientific pitch notation“ der Acoustical Society of America auf, was Georgia Brown ins Mikrofon sang. Es waren Töne mit einer Frequenz von 25 Kilohertz. Das entspricht etwa der Note G10, so wie man sie auf einer Piccolo-Flöte spielen kann. Laut Guinness-Buch konnte bislang kein Mensch höher singen.
„Mae“, ruft Georgia, während sie aufgebracht über den dicken grünen Teppich rennt. „Wo ist meine Sonnenbrille?“ Weil sie die Brille nicht finden kann, geht die Stimmung in Richtung Weltuntergang, aber das ist normal bei der temperamentvollen Sängerin. Nur morgens, da mag sie es ruhig und schläft gern lang. Für das Interview war sie extra beim Friseur in der unteren Etage des Hauses. Ihre langen glatten Haare sind frisch gefärbt, wie immer knallrot. Das ist ihr Markenzeichen. Genau wie ihre schwarze Kleidung im Look einer Gothic-Queen. Eine enggeschnürte Korsage, dazu eine schwarze Hose, hohe Schuhe und dunkler Lidschatten. „Mama hat mir das Make-Up gemacht“, sagt sie und hat sich anscheinend wieder ein wenig beruhigt.

Wohngemeinschaft: Dark-Queen mit Walkiria
Für die Vierunddreißigjährige wäre jeder Lidstrich eine Geduldsprobe, denn sie kann kaum sehen. Auf einem ihrer großen, blauen Augen ist sie blind, auf dem anderen hat sie seit ihrer chwangerschaft vor 14 Jahren nur noch fünf Prozent Sehkraft. Bevor der Sohn Giovani geboren wurde, waren es merhin zehn Prozent, sagt Georgia.

Bei Licht reagieren ihre Augen empfindlich, deshalb trägt sie tagsüber meist ihre Sonnenbrille, auch wenn der Himmel so bedeckt ist wie heute. Ein Blindenhund oder ein Blindenstock kommt für die eigenwillige Brasilianerin nicht in Frage. „Ich will nichts haben, was auf meine Einschränkung auch noch hinweist“, sagt sie und macht eine abfällige Handbewegung. Ihre Finger gleichen denen einer Puppe. Die Hände sind klein und zart, am Ringfinger steckt seit zwei Jahren wieder ein Ehering, es ist der dritte. Sie alle wohnen unter einem Dach: Georgia, ihr uruguayischer Mann William Corbo, der auch Musiker ist, der Sohn Giovani und die Mutter Walkiria.

Papa prophezeite eine große Karriere

Geboren wurde sie in Italien, dem Heimatland ihres Vaters. Nach ihren ersten Lebensjahren in Neapel zog die Familie zurück nach Brasilien, woher Georgias Mutter kommt. Heute managt Walkiria Monti ihre stimmgewaltige Tochter. Sie erinnert sich, dass Georgia schon als kleines Mädchen Sängerin werden wollte. „Sie stand stundenlang vor dem Fernseher und hat zu Madonnas Musikvideos getanzt und gesungen“, erzählt Walkiria Monti. „Mein Mann drückte ihr Kassetten von Franco Ricci aus Neapel in die Hand und sagte zu ihr: Wenn du wirklich eine Sängerin werden willst, dann lerne erst mal so zu singen wie er.“ Und das machte Georgia.
Click here to watch the vídeo.
Keine singt höher als Georgia Brown

„Sie lud uns in ihr Zimmer ein und gab ein Konzert. Sie sang genauso wie Franco Ricci. Wir waren platt“, sagt Walkiria Monti mit einem Leuchten in den Augen. Der Vater prophezeite der Tochter damals, dass sie einmal die größte Sängerin der Welt werde.



The Drum N' Bass album released on 2004, was marked with singles and hits that were played on dancefloors, clubs, #1 on the top 10 of many electronic music radios, parties and also remixes produced by other producers and DJ's of the scene, making part of importante compilations as well like: "Forgiven". "Lost Love", "I need U" and "Lover Street".
Produced, Arranged, Written, Mixed and Mastered by the own singer who wrote her name on the same year on Guinness Book World Records as "The World's Greatest Vocal Range" extending from G2 to G10 and "The Worlds Highest Note G10".
Still an independent artist, she holds her own record label WGM Music Entertaiment, making a great job in Europe where she successfuly had over 300.000 copies sold during the "Heart Beats World Tour". The album presented for the first time on Programa do Jô (Rede Globo) in Brazil, the same TV Show where she promotes all her albums, the first Lady of the Electronic Music of Brazil and The World's Greatest Voice, also joined the show to receive de Guinness Certificate.
Now, 10 years after Guinness, could someone to have imagined that she would become the Super-Voice for the serie Super-Humans created by Stan Lee for the History Channel? Yes, she is!



Cantora conhecida por atingir as notas mais altas do mundo,
 interpreta canções da alta estirpe do estilo,
em apresentação no Soul Pub
Fonte: Jornal Diário da Manhã
Reportagem de: Rariana Pinheiro
Aquela que figura no Guiness Book por quase uma década como Maior Extensão Vocal do Mundo, promete hoje uma inspiradora apresentação. Desta vez, deixando de lado as batidas eletrônicas, para reunir as maiores lendas do rock internacional. A cantora Georgia Brown sobe hoje, a partir das 22h, ao palco do Soul Pub, acompanhada por clássicos, como Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin e Black Sabbath.
A artista promete ainda mais: no set list, sua super voz irá revisitar canções de Iron Maiden, Jorn, Creedence, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith e muito mais. Nas interpretações, a artista vai mostrar seu timbre raro: ela é um meio-soprano com várias texturas vocais, e consegue adaptar seu timbre para cantar em várias regiões, mudando as características de sua voz, devida sua vasta extensão vocal.
Esta sua peculiaridade já foi amplamente aplaudida e reconhecida em níveis mundiais. Ela bateu em 2004, os dois recordes que, anteriormente pertenciam a cantora Mariah Carey. Com a publicação de seus títulos nas edições de 2006, 2010 e 2012, Georgia Brown figura no Guinness Book por quase uma década como Maior Extensão Vocal do Mundo – 8 oitavas G2/G10 – e “Nota Mais Aguda do Mundo G10.
Georgia também entrou para o Rank Brasil Recordes, atingindo notas em nove oitavas diferentes e oito oitavas completas (Sol2/Sol10). Estes resultados foram comprovadas por meio de uma junta de professores de música e equipamentos avançados.
Virou série
O reconhecimento no mais famoso livro de recordes do mundo, lhe rendeu boas oportunidades: ela foi escolhida como protagonista da série estilo documentário chamada Superhumanos (2012) do canal fehcado History Channel. O programa é a versão latina para a série de sucesso nos EUA, Os Super Humanos de Stan Lee, o criador dos heróis da Marvel Homem Aranha, Hulk e Homem de Ferro. A série apresenta homens e mulheres com qualidades que certamente os diferenciam dos demais e o episódio da qual Georgia estrelou foi, claro, A Voz Mais Alta.
A oportunidade surgiu depois que a artista passou por testes vocais. Na ocasião ela atingiu mais de 5600 Hz – a mais alta frequência que pôde ser medida para uma voz humana. Assim, não se sabe quanto mais ela pode chegar, porque sua voz ultrapassa todos os programas que podem medi-lá.
Sua carreira é também bem sucedida na música eletrônica. Seu timbre é comparado, ao das grandes divas da música negra americana. Por conta deste talento, já realizou duas turnês internacionais de shows bem sucedidas. Passou pela Ásia (Japão, Singa Pura, China e Korea) e Europa (Itália, França, UK, Alemanha, Austria, Suiça, Portugal e outros). Também faz sucesso nos clubes mais conceituados, e grandes eventos por todo o País. Seu último álbum no cenário eletrônico foi Me & Myself (2012).
Começo da fama
O talento de Georgia Brown, que é ítalo-brasileira, foi reconhecido em todo Brasil País, graças ao Programa do Jô, da Rede Globo, em 2001. Depois deste primeiro contato na mídia televisiva, ela fez mais de cinquenta aparições em rede nacional. Nesta época, seu primeiro álbum Black Nature, alcançou a marca de mais de 125 mil cópias vendidas, incentivadas pelo hit Commit a Crime. Com este disco, a cantora realizou turnê de Hip-Hop/Soul e R&B, Black Nature Tour, que durou dois anos (2001/2002) e concretizou sua trajetória de sucesso.
Mas, este reconhecimento veio apenas depois de muito trabalho e estudo, que começaram ainda na infância. Aos dez anos ela foi  aprovada pela Ordem dos Músicos do Brasil (OMB). Ainda muito jovem, se especializou nos Estados Unidos, tornando-se multi-instrumentista, produtora, compositora e engenheira de áudio.
Aos 15 anos, foi backing vocal do ícone do samba rock Jorge Ben Jor, em sua turnê W Brasil. Ao longo de sua carreira participou de importantes concursos e festivais musicais como Fest Valda e Skol Rock, onde venceu como Hours-Concours e, por isso foi contratada pela companhia francesa Pastilhas Valda.
Aos 17 anos, tornou-se produtora e instrumentista, e começou a compor e arranjar suas próprias músicas dentro do estilo R&B/Soul. Foi morar em Oakland, Califórnia e permaneceu por três anos produzindo músicas e estudando engenharia de áudio.
Desde então, Georgia Brown é sinônimo de inovação e ousadia. Evoluiu seu estilo musical, que a permite mostrar suas diversas técnicas. O início de sua projeção internacional aconteceu depois do lançamento do single Forgiven – um drum n’ bass, com diversas influências. A música também foi sucesso no Brasil, após ser remixada pelo DJ Patife, que fez uma produção inusitada no estilo R&B para compor o playlist do seu álbum Na Estrada. Contando com outros DJ’s, a música foi para a pista em variados programas de rádio pelo mundo. Entrou ainda em vários Top 10 específicos em música eletrônica. 



Quem viu a versão Rockstar da maior voz do mundo, com certeza quer ver novamente as suas interpretações nas músicas mais marcantes do WHITESNAKE! A Super-Humana da série criada por Stan Lee exibida mundialmente pelo History Channel é a Super-Voz que tudo pode! Dessa vez ela resolveu matar o público rocker do coração em sua nova turnê! "GEORGIA BROWN - WHITESNAKE & SOME ROCK ELSE TOUR". A cantora que possui seus títulos intactos no Guinness Book World Records por uma década, reuniu em seu playlist verdadeiros clássicos de bandas lendárias como a santíssima trindade "Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin e Black Sabbath" e quando você acha que a musa do Metal terminou por ai, ela vem com Iron Maiden, Jorn, Creedence, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith e muito mais. Só mesmo um vocal fenomenal como o de GEORGIA BROWN pra reunir as maiores vozes, as maiores bandas e os maiores hits do Rock em um só espetáculo!!!
Show: Georgia Brown - Whitesnake & Some Rock Else
Soul Pub: Rua 146 nº 338 Setor Marista, Goiânia. Tel: (62) 3281-9147
Dia: 01 de novembro às 22:00hs.





Geral tudo ok para o Livestream e vocês já podem seguir a partir de já se tornando um torcedor!!! Então façam o espalha pois nós iremos nos encontrar ao vivo e é com prazer que vou estar respondendo as perguntas e as curiosidades de todos, principalmente vamos falar muito sobre vocal e sobre a técnica de whistle. Então não se esqueçam do nosso encontro! Agora tem dia, hora e o local é aqui >>


Todos os detalhes da TwitCam está na página do evento no Facebook:
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Dia: Sábado 18 de outubro às 17:00hs
Ao Vivo:


Entrevista exclusiva para o site
Vocal Pop!


Já imaginou GEORGIA BROWN, dona da maior extensão vocal do mundo, demonstrando os ornamentos em whistles de Mariah Carey, cantando um trechinho de Christina Aguilera e imitando a impostação de caminhoneira de Shakira? Pois é, não precisa mais imaginar nada porque o Vocal Pop já fez isso acontecer para você!
Por: Sávio Alves



 Georgia Brown e Maíra Lemos se reencontram
25 anos depois em entrevista.
 Georgia Brown gravou nesta quarta-feira (10/09/2014) sua participação no programa Frutos da Terra exibido aos sábados às 08:00 através da TV Anhanguera filiada da Rede Globo em Goiânia. Após 20 anos desde a sua última aparição na atração cultural televisiva criada em 1983, comandada há 31 anos pelo apresentador Hamilton Carneiro, tem como foco mostrar as diversas vertentes da cultura goiana como a culinária, poemas, histórias e a música de raíz do estado.
Este ano o programa deu um grande passo, renovando seu formato acrescentando novo quadro "Outros Tons E Sons", abrindo espaço para que artistas de todos os segmentos possam marcar presença na parte em que as entrevistas ficam por conta da cantora Maíra Lemos.
Georgia Brown: De Goiânia para o Mundo.
Georgia Brown e Maíra começaram suas carreiras na mesma época quando ainda eram crianças. Enquanto Georgia Brown que ainda usava seu nome de nascimento (Rossana Monti) despontava nacionalmente no programa infantil de maior expressão em toda a hitória da televisão brasileira o "Xou da Xuxa" e Maíra, foi lançada no "Domingão do Faustão" que lidera o ibope aos domingos. Ate 1991, as cantoras-mirins sempre se cruzavam em shows que eram realizados em Goiânia e se admiravam, ao contrário do que todos diziam ser rivais. Georgia Brown foi saindo de fininho da cidade, expandindo seus horizontes, entrando em festivais, concursos, e fazendo shows por outros estados.

Em 1994 Georgia Brown vence com o título de Hours-Concours) nunca entregue antes à um concorrente até a aparição da loirinha de Goiânia no FestValda na edição de São Paulo, que abalou as estruturas do Palace com sua voz de negra americana cantando "I will always love you" o maior hit do momento na voz de Whitney Houston, ganhando mais um prêmio e era assim que acontecia em todos aos quais participou e levou pra casa. Mas este festival em especial onde muitos artistas consagrados se revelaram, fez com que a cantora mudasse de nome, partindo de mudança para o Rio de Janeiro, onde assinou seu primeiro contrato com a empresa francesa multinacional Pastilhas Valda, responsável pela realização do festival que acontecia anualmente no Rio, SP e POA. Em 1997 Georgia Brown já era multi-instrumentista, produtora musival, compositora e técnica de estúdio de gravação quando deixou Goiânia rumo aos EUA para se especializar em engenharia de áudio e se preparar para seguir seu sonho de se tornar uma cantora de fama internacional. Em 2001 ela estava pronta e no Brasil lançou seu primeiro álbum "Black Nature" com o hit "Commit a Crime" no Programa do Jô (Rede Globo). Sua aparição fenomenal e ímpar, pois no país não havia nada parecido, uma artista de cabelos vermelhos como fogo, personalidade e presença forte, uma mistura de simpatia, senso de humor, extravagância com uma voz marcante, potente e trabalhada como há muito tempo não surgia, um talento de um em um milhão que nasce de tempos em tempos e  fez com que todos os programas de TV voltassem os olhos para ela, que sabe bem como colocar a audiência lá em cima e sua popularidade na mídia rendeu a marca de 125 mil cópias vendidas de um disco completamente autoral na língua inglesa, produzido, arranjado, executado, escrito e mixado pela própria Georgia.  
Georgia Brown é entrevistada no Frutos da Terra
20 anos após sua última participação no programa.
O estado de Goiás, especialmente a capital é um grande seleiro musical daonde despontam os maiores artistas sertanejos. Fora desse segmento, foram as duas artistas que conseguiram se destacar nacionalmente com inúmeras apresentações nas principais emissoras de televisão do Brasil. As ex-artístas mirins, atualmente grandes cantoras, também se tornaram apresentadoras de TV esse ano. Vinte e cinco anos depois, as divas do cerrado se reencontraram no Soul Pub, a casa mais badalada de Gyn, local escolhido para essa gravação, onde Maira entrevistou Georgia Brown que relembrou como tudo começou até alcançar o sucesso, permanecendo no cenário musical há 27 anos com sua carreira estabilizada e reconhecimento mundial, trazendo em sua história quatro álbuns e diversos singles lançados com vendagem expressiva, as incontáveis aparições em TV's e tours em vários continentes como: Ásia, Europa e as Américas, os famosos  recordes no Guinness Book que continuam pertencendo à "Maior Voz do Mundo" que os mantem intactos com suas 8 oitavas desde 2004 completando uma década e além de tudo isso, ela faz parte do exército de heróis de Stan Lee, criador da série Super-Humanos exibida pelo History Channel, que mostrou a "Super-Voz" para mundo inteiro.  A entrevista  irá ao ar em outubro. Será que desse reencontro surgirá um projeto das duas cantoras? Quem sabe! 



25.000 Hz - Ultra Voice "There's No Limit"

Georgia Brown from Brazil has the highest pitched voice in the world. In a studio interview with Sennheiser, she reflects on her passion for audio engineering, technology that can process an extreme range of notes, and a relaxed approach to her impaired vision.
The voice
Georgia Brown’s voice is extraordinary. For a decade, Guinness World Records registered the now 34-year-old singer as the person with the highest vocal range: the Italian-Brazilian singer covers a full eight octaves — only American baritone Tim Storms has a wider range. Georgia Brown, however, still owns the highest pitched voice.

The Heights
The soul and R&B singer effortlessly reaches the so-called whistle register, the highest register of the human voice. The Guinness Book of Records observes that Brown’s overtones reach as far up the musical scale as G10— which according to the “scientific pitch notation” of the Acoustical Society of America hits 25,088 Hertz.

The woman
Born in Italy in 1980, Rossanna Monti is better known by her artistic name Georgia Brown. She discovered her musical talent and the wide range of her voice early on. Brown has lived with the Brazilian part of her family for a long time, and her new home lies in central Brazil’s Goiania, about 200 kilometers southwest of the capital, Brasilia.
With bright red hair and a powerful presence, Georgia Brown is not the type of person who goes unnoticed. But it is only when she sings that her extraordinary qualities really become apparent.
»With equipment such as the Sennheiser D9000, the sound is just perfect.«
The Soul and R&B artist was born in Italy but moved to Brazil when she was eight years old. Even as a child, she found that her voice had an extremely wide register of frequencies. The “whistle register”, used in operas such as Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, comes effortlessly to her. In 2004, Brown broke Mariah Carey’s vocal record and for 10 years, the 34-year-old singer has been listed in The Guiness World Records as the person with the highest voice on earth and the female with the widest vocal range (G2-G10). According to the “scientific pitch notation” of the Acoustical Society of America, the highest note she reached (G10) represents a frequency of exactly 25,088 hertz. Since the Guinness experts measured this “using a piano, violin and Hammond organ” and did not use electronic frequency analysis, the claim might be open to debate. What is clear is that Brown has an amazing vocal range, easily reaching into the whistle register. We met Georgia in Rio de Janeiro, where she perfectly blends in with the rhythm of the city. After four successful albums and touring through Brazil, Europe, the US and Asia, she is now working on new projects. In the studio where we interviewed her, she was rehearsing for a concert, looking for the right equipment to transport her wondrous voice. While Georgia tested the Sennheiser D9000 wireless microphone system for the first time, we got the chance to talk with her about her extraordinary vocal ability, her career and new challenges. Recently, Georgia has gone public about a degenerative eye disease, which she has had since birth, leaving her almost blind: with just 10 percent vision in her right eye and zero in the other.

How did you discover this remarkable talent of singing at such a wide range and high pitch?
I was in a band when I was a child. Before we started to practice, I would be playing with my dolls and I would create high-pitched voices for them. One of my musicians said to me “Can you sing in that range you're talking in?” So I did. And just like that, we discovered my high range. While I was growing up and becoming a real woman, my low notes started to appear. I like this because it gives me many choices to put different colors of my voice into the music.

You could have been an exceptional opera singer but decided to do Drum & Bass, R & B and dance music – what attracted you to those genres?
There is no technique that I can’t sing. I can do the soprano voice or the contralto, I can do the tenor or baritone. But I’ve never done anything that I didn’t like. So I have played R & B, soul, hip-hop and rap, metal, Drum & Bass and now: rock 'n' roll. I'm starting a new project called Lauren, where we play progressive industrial metal, with the songs and arrangements written by myself.

Please tell us about your Guinness World Records.
One day, my husband had a dream and when he woke up, he said: “Hey Georgia, what do you think about making a claim to the Guinness Book of Records?” So we emailed them. At the time, I didn't know exactly what vocal range I had. When we met the Guinness guys in São Paulo, I recorded eight octaves. For the last ten years, I have held the record for greatest female vocal range and the world's highest note. And I used to hold a third record for voice with the most potential. I think that's cool because it gave me many chances to travel the world to new countries, cultures and meet new people.

With your unique voice and all the production tasks that you perform, what's the importance of working with quality equipment, both in the studio and in live concerts?
When you have good equipment, good microphones, good compressors, you are able to work faster and more accurately. I have experienced very poor microphones as well as the top-end microphones for vocals. When you have the chance to work with the best equipment, the sound is perfect, clear and powerful – like the Sennheiser D9000. Its low frequencies are very deep; the high frequencies are very clear; the medium ones very, very good. The digital equalizer is very cool to work with.

You spent many years in the US training to be a sound engineer. How does your impaired vision affect your work?
The computer software has accessibility assistance. And then nothing is difficult. I just have to configure the computer for me to see in high contrast, with the background all in black and with the letters in white. When you really want something, you get it. When I sing, I don't need my eyes; I just need my soul. That's why for me, music is magic because you don't need to see it, you just need to feel it, listen and be happy. 
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By: Daniela Gross